Incentive Fund for Women in Science is now open

NWO has opened an Incentive Fund for Women In Beta & Engineering Sciences. The purpose of this call is to retain women who are qualified in science or the engineering sciences, who would otherwise be forced to leave academia. To this end, this grant will support women who are temporary without funding but who, nevertheless, have good prospects of obtaining a more senior research or permanent position in beta sciences or engineering sciences.

Eligible are:

Women (from the Netherland or internationally) with a doctorate holding a fixed, permanent or no employment contract (foreign or Dutch), who are without funding during a period of time (in the upcoming 11 months) and are offered a more senior position at a Dutch university or research institute. This means, that the person really has to be without a job for a period of time. 

You will need a guarantee from a dutch university where the faculty is stating:

  • Who will have or receive a permanent position after receiving this incentive grant, or
  • Who will be given a Tenure Track after been given this incentive grant, or
  • Who will be given a more senior position after receiving this incentive grant (from Tenure Position), where the new position can be temporary.

What can you ask for:

  • Budget to cover salary (max 18 months)
  • Budget to cover material costs (under certain circumstances)
  • Budget is between 20k to 250k euro

What are the criteria:

You will need to show why bridging money is necessary for the continuation of your career in science. There is a real 'gap' in your funding. Also, you will need to make clear what your research plans are during the bridging period. In addition, the quality of your CV is taken into account. 

The call is open since Friday 8 May 2020; the budget is based on ‘first come, first serve’. Therefore, if you wish to apply, we would suggest you do it soon.   

More information:

More information you can find on the funding page of NWO. At the Grants Office, we are happy to assist you with your proposal or answer any questions about this call. Please send an e-mail to