Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

Dear FFNT members,

Our university celebrates its 56th Dies Natalis next week. The FFNT contributes to this celebration by organizing a special photo exposition:

“Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

The exposition will be opened by Prof.Dr. Thom Palstra, Rector Magnificus, and will be located in the Waaier building, so that all attendees of Dies Natalis can walk and see it.

We would like to invite you to join Dies Natalis on Nov 24, 2017 and take a look at the exposition.

The exposition offers a glimpse into the world of mathematics through photographs and excerpts of interviews with 13 women mathematicians throughout Europe. It is a touring exposition that started in July 2016 in Berlin and is hosted every few months by various universities throughout Europe. The idea for the exposition stems from two observations: that nowadays, women still find it difficult to embrace a scientific career in Mathematics, and that the disparity between the proportion of men and that of women among professional mathematicians is still shamefully large. This touring format is envisaged as an opportunity to stimulate dialogue on the themes of the exposition between the general public and mathematicians.

The FFNT is proud to host this exposition in 2017 in the Netherlands. Our hosting action is supported by the international network “European Women in Mathematics” and the Netherland’s national network “European Women in Mathematics – the Netherlands”.

We look forward to greeting you at Dies Natalis!

The exposition will be on campus from Nov 24, 2017 to March 8, 2018, moved through a number of locations including Vrijhof and Ravelijn among others. The exact schedule of the exhibition at each location will be communicated to you in a follow-up message.

For more information on the touring exposition project, please see:

Impression of the event (click on the picture below for more photos). 

For more information on the international “European Women in Mathematics” network and the Dutch national network, please see:


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