Faculty Club House Rules


Admission to the Faculty Club Foundation is not by ballot. The Foundation wishes to uphold this. For your information, the use of the Blomzaal lounge is subject to the following house rules.

1. The Faculty Club lounge (Blomzaal) is open to fellows and their guests between the hours of midday and 2 pm and from 4.30 pm to the Faculty Club Restaurant closing time. Fellows may help themselves to drinks (lemonade, wine, beer) but may also make use of the services of the Faculty Club Restaurant’s personnel. The charge for hiring a member of the restaurant staff is €25 per hour and €40 for each extra hour and is to be paid by the fellows in question. As a rule, the Blomzaal is not to be used for lunches or dinners – exceptions are possible with the service staff’s consent.

2. Coffee, tea and other refreshments can be ordered by telephone from the Faculty Club Restaurant bar (all you need to do is lift the receiver and you will be connected). Please settle your bill at the cash desk downstairs before you leave.

3. The Faculty Club Restaurant service staff are responsible for making sure that the Blomzaal lounge is clean and tidy. In their interests and those of other fellows of the Faculty Club Foundation, please leave used crockery and glasses on the bar.

4. The financial position of the Faculty Club Foundation is such that overconsumption of drinks by members of the club, allocated them by virtue of their fellowship, may necessitate higher fellowship fees for all fellows. The Executive Board therefore considers it obvious that prudent use is made of fellowship facilities.

5. Fellows visiting the Blomzaal lounge with a group of non-fellows may obtain drinks at a special rate. Please arrange this with the service staff downstairs in the Faculty Club Restaurant, either when you book the lounge or on arrival.

6. The Executive Board of the Faculty Club Foundation decides on any situations not provided for in these rules. Instructions issued by Faculty Club Restaurant staff are to be followed.

Enschede, February 1, 2009