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Safety By Design

Product and System Safety

 The master course "Safety by Design" offers you real-world cases to practice the design of safe products, equipment or systems and supports your practice by providing relevant knowledge, platforms, and expert feedback. The cases present complex and multidisciplinary projects that demand compromises and tradeoffs to satisfy industrial needs in the course of the project lifecycle. A tradeoff example is keeping the balance among safety, security, reliability, availability, maintenance, and other desired performances.

'Safety by Design' highlights the scope and consequences of safety challenges by providing examples. It prescribes proactive actions by, for example, forming the cultural and technical aspects. It offers tools and methods for the identification of safety requirements by the exploration of problem and solution domains. The coursebook for the course 'Safety by Design' authored by Dr Mohammad Rajabali Nejad is available through this link.

The course supports the design process by using the system safety framework of DoD and by referring to selected hazard analysis techniques and model-driven risk analysis. Furthermore, functional safety and safety management systems are discussed as approaches to reduce uncertainty in the course of design and operation. 

In brief, the course aims to shed light on the broadness of challenge and the state of the art tools for achieving safer products and systems. For more information about this course, visit https://safety.productions, or contact the course instructor: Dr Mohammad Rajabali Nejad.

dr. M. Rajabali Nejad (Mohammad)
Assistant Professor