Finished Projects

A generic tool for maintenance performance measurement

Researcher: Giel van Erp
Project Duration: March 2016 – September 2016
Project Partner: Arcadis

Problem definition and research goal:

While many performance measurement tools exist, and in recent years, much research has been done on how to translate these tools to make them applicable for the use of maintenance performance measurement (Parida, Kumar, Galar & Stenström, 2015), the theory on maintenance performance measurement is pinpointed at manufacturing facilities. At the same time Kagioglou, Cooper & Aouad (2010) has reviewed performance management and measurement practices with the aim to transfer the best possible practice to the construction industry. This translation has been made on the level of construction organizations and not on the maintenance part which is a rather more specific area. Even if a proper translation is made, still, one problem exists. We intend to enable the comparison of maintenance performance across a broad variety of assets, yet the current maintenance measurement tools are either to general or not broadly applicable, which limit the learning abilities.

The main goal for this research is:

‘To create a generic tool for maintenance performance measurement, that is applicable to all physical assets and allows for best practice comparison in order to enhance learning.’