Welcome to PrIME - Programme for Infrastructure Management Excellence


PrIME is an initiative of the Department of Construction Management and Engineering at the University of Twente.

PrIME focuses on the why, when and what in infrastructure management processes. It includes a diverse range of research projects to gain new insights in the social, technical and environmental aspects of managing modern infrastructure assets. It aims at developing new methods and models for optimized decision making throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure assets.

PrIME furthermore comprises courses and training with the aim of educating a new generation of infrastructure managers.

Latest news

July 2016 - Best Paper Award

PrIME researches won the best paper award at the Engineering Project Organization Conference (EPOC) ... read more

June 2015 - CEDR Research Fund for PrIME

In December 2014 a trans-national research programme was launched by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) on the topic of Asset Management & Maintenance. CEDR is an organisation which brings together the road directors of 25 European countries. PrIME researchers prepared and submitted a proposal ... read more

Jan 2015 - Simulation-based course for IM

In the context of the 3TU cooperation PrIME develops a simulation-based course for infrastructure management. ... read more