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The added value of ISO 55000 standard for professional road asset management

Researcher: Robert Ruiter
Project Duration: September 2014 – February 2015
Project Partner: Arcadis

Project Description:


The ISO 55000 standard is written as ‘the global consensus on what asset management is and what it can do to increase value generated by all organisations’ (IAM, 2014). Due to this, the standard is general. ISO 55001 gives requirements for an AM system, but not for specific asset types. It is intended to be used for managing physical assets in particular, but it can also be applied to other assets. Between physical assets, you can still notice many differences since managing a road infrastructure network is something else than managing industrial equipment or an organisations inventory.

The clients of ARCADIS are asset owners and service providers. All of these parties already have developed practices to manage their assets. These practices are mostly developed locally and for a specific asset portfolio, but many of these organisations are willing to implement new approaches to AM, if this is beneficial for them. Many of these individually practices are developed for a specific market and in many cases this may work out better than the general best practices from the ISO 55000 standard. Therefore, organisations hesitate to completely rebuild an AM system according to the ISO 55000 standard.


The main goal of this research is to find out what the added value of the ISO 55000 is for organisations working in the Dutch road infrastructure sector, especially the asset owners. The added value of the standard for the Dutch road infrastructure sector will be based on to what extend it can help in implementing AM in this sector and to what extend it can help to improve current practices by giving concrete guidance about solving actual issues in current practice.