Finished Projects

How nudging will affect the choice of architecture

Researcher: Samy Awad
Project Duration: January 2016 – August 2016

Problem definition and research goal:

The aim of this research is to test how nudging will affect the choice of architecture in hopes of finding a solution to increase designer’s awareness of uncertainties involved in their design decisions. That will be done (hypothetically) by testing the choices made by individuals (through experiments) based on two scenarios. Both scenarios consists of two choices, each one of these choices are somewhat similar in attributes and attractiveness except that one of the choices contains a higher risk uncertainty. The catch here is that in the first scenario, the choices will be presented without explicitly pinpointing the uncertainties while in the second scenario the uncertainty is explicitly noted as it becomes the focal point. Results of these tests will shed light on the decisions taken by individuals and if they change based on how the choice is presented (the second scenario is where the nudge comes into play, displaying the uncertainty at eye level to grasp the individual’s attention and hopefully affect his decision making process).