Board and management

From 1 September the ET faculty has a multi-member faculty board. This board encourges an integrated and coordinated approach of managing research, education and operational support.

From left to right: Niek ten Brinke (student assessor), Bart Koopman, Prof.dr. Geert Dewulf, Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen, Drs. David Korringa   Photographer: Rikkert Harink

Members of the faculty board

Members of the faculty board:

Geert Dewulf Prof.dr.
Portfolio for research
Bart Koopman
Portfolio for research
Portfolio for education
Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen
Portfolio for education
Portfolio for operations
David Korringa Drs.
Portfolio for operations
Student assessor
Niek ten Brinke
Student assessor

A student will also be affiliated with each Faculty Board in an advisory role (student assessor).

Education Organisation

Program Directors:

Civil Engineering Education (CiT, CEM, CME)
dr. S.R. Miller (Seirgei)

Mechanical Engineering Education (WB, ME)
drs. E.M. Gommer (Lisa)

Industrial Design Engineering Education (IO, IDE)
dr. ir. A. van den Boomgaard Mba

Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) J.B.W. Kok (Jim)

Bachelor Programme Coordinators

Civil Engineering
E.M.Blokhuis MSc
053-489 7563

Industrial Design Engineering
ms. ir. H.M. Schuurman-Hemmer
053-489 6614

Mechanical Engineering
ms. dr. G.G.M. Stoffels
053-489 4094

Master Programme Coordinators

Civil Engineering and Management / Construction Management and Engineering
E.M. Blokhuis MSc 
053-489 7563      

Mechanical Engineering
mr. K.G.M. Braakhuis
053-489 2799 

Sustainable Energy Technology
mr. K.G.M. Braakhuis
053-489 2799
A.F. Heutink 
053-489 8937 

Industrial Design Engineering
A.F. Heutink
053-489 8937                                                                                                                                      

Academic counsellor

Mechanical Engineering
ms. ir. J.G. de Kiewit
053-489 4882

Industrial Engineering
ms. drs. C.C. Hoeksma
053-489 5495

Civil Engineering
ms. ir. J. Krabbenbos
053-489 2341

Student Mobility

Coördinator Internationalisation J.G. Ferwerda
053-489 3398

Bachelor thesis Civil Engineering
E.M. Blokhuis MSc 
053-489 7563

Bachelor thesis Industrial Design
ir. A.P. van den Beukel
053-489 4853

Exchange coordinator ET 
ms. D. van de Belt
053-489 2457

ms. J.A. Emmerich-Nijenhuis
053-489 2130

Support Civil Engineering / Industrial Design
ms. E.D. van Oosterzee-Nootenboom
053-489 4326

International Student Support
ms. G.F.B. Leurink
053-489 1194              

Supporting services
Faculty Council

The Faculty Council of Engineering Technology advises the management team of the Faculty with respect to research,  education, and finance.

education committees

The composition and contactinformation from the education committees of the programs Mechanical Engineering (WB), Industrial Design Engineering (IO) and Civil Engineering (CiT) are published on the education websites:

  • Mechanical Engineering (WB)
  • Industrial Design Engineering (IO)
  • Civil Engineering (CiT)