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HX-electrode: System integration of fuel cell and heat pump Five projects starting in Dutch-German programme on green chemistry

NWO develops innovation programmes that focus on societal challenges in the Netherlands. These programmes aim to have an impact on the economy, people and society. The focus is on cooperation between knowledge institutions, private parties and the government. The results thus contribute to the realisation of economic opportunities. It is therefore essential that companies invest in every research project.

The programme ‘Electrochemical Materials and Processes for Green Hydrogen and Green Chemistry’ shall work across borders for a sustainable industry. Financed by both Germany and the Netherlands, the five consortia will start their project soon. One of the projects is: HX-electrode: System integration of fuel cell and heat pump by prof. dr. ir. W. Rohlfs.

This project aims at developing an efficient sustainable solution for domestic space heating and hot water supply with an integrated hybrid fuel cell – heat pump system. Utilizing waste heat from the fuel cell, we will deliver an optimized design for the hybrid system, and develop the key element required: a heat exchanging fuel cell electrode with optimized coolant flow path, extracting high heat without reduction in fuel cell safety or efficiency, relying on the design freedom of additive manufacturing. Based on hydrogen, the solution combines effective heat and hot water supply with negligible CO2 emissions.

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