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Winners energy saving path video competition awarded by UT and Twence

The University of Twente (ET Faculty, Department of Thermal and Fluid engineering) together with the local company Twence, waste processor and producer of raw materials and energy, have awarded the winners of the energy saving path video competition. This competition aimed to encourage participants to create short teaser videos showcasing both common and exceptional energy saving practices that can be adopted by everyone. Out of 21 submitted videos, the best three contributions were awarded on June 8, 2023 at the solar park in Hengelo. They received a small solar power system. 

Wim de Jong, Advisor Market & Strategy: "Together towards a sustainable region. That’s our mission. We have been working with the University of Twente for many years to realise our ambitions. We support the students by offering solar panels, linked to our role as an important player in the regional energy transition.” 

Watch al three videos and get inspired:

Watch al three videos and get inspired:

Ways to reduce electricity consumption

These videos show that the good old fashion of drying cloth on the balcony instead of using the drying machine can be a good way of reduce the electricity consumption. Furthermore, the large electricity consumption of older fridges and the high potential so save energy there has been presented. In the next step, a throughout analysis of the presented energy saving measures will be conducted by students to provide the background and the required understanding to judge and evaluate the individual energy savings. 

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The winners are (Daan Kuiphuis, 2nd f.l.t.r. and Austin Labuschangne (2nd f.r.t.l.)). Prizes have been handed over by Prof. Wilko Rohlfs (4 f.l.), Canan Acar (left), Tingting Zhu (right) from the UT and Wim de Jong (5 f.l) from Twence at the solar park in Hengelo. 

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