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Achieving educational innovation through play

On October 12, Marcus Pereira Pessoa (ET/DPM) and Klaasjan Visscher (BMS) presented their educational innovations to an enthusiastic audience at the “Game & Play” event, which was organized by the ComeniusNetwork.

Designing and developing a product or service is a tricky and often multidisciplinary endeavour. A recurrent question in this context is “how to choose the appropriate design tools and techniques that fit my project peculiarities?” With a Comenius Teaching Fellowship Marcus Pereira Pessoa developed a card game where the students learn to choose from 63 different design techniques which best fit to prevent the most common issues in the different design phases from conceptual design to the integrated system verification and validation. This game is now being used during the Modelling of Technical Design Processes course.

How do can future engineers and social scientists learn to understand the embedding of new technologies in society? With a Comenius Teaching Fellowship, Klaasjan Visscher developed a role-play simulation in which students put themselves in the shoes of a stakeholder, play out the future of emerging technology and learn to collaborate in a transdisciplinary manner. This role-play is now being used in various programmes at the University of Twente.