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Vannesa Magnanimo



Dr V. Magnanimo

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About Me

Vanessa Magnanimo is assistant professor in the multi-scale mechanics (MSM) group at the faculty of Engineering Technology, CTW, University of Twente, Netherlands. She received a MSc degree in construction engineering from the Politecnico of Bari, Italy, with subsequent graduate studies on the elasticity of discrete materials. In 2007 she received her PhD in continuum mechanics from the same university. She was a visiting scientist at the Levich Institute - CCNY (2005) and at T&AM - Cornell University (2008). Her research interests concern theoretical analysis and modern simulation techniques applied to sound propagation and the constitutive modeling of materials with an internal micro-structure such as soils, asphalt, powders and bio-materials.

Research Interests

Micro-Macro methods for Particulate Materials

Mechanics and Structure of Granular Assemblies

Theory and Simulation of Granular Media

Continuum Mechanics

Wave Propagation into Granular Media