Sustainable Resources

DPM has a strong track record in Sustainable Resources in particular in the fields of energy, product design and materials. The group of researchers involved in this field is called DPM’s Sustainable Resources Team and consists of (in alphabetical order) Wouter Eggink, Carsten Gelhard, Jörg Hensler, Roland ten Klooster, Jos de Lange, Angèle Reinders, Marten Toxopeus, Wessel Wits.

Sustainable Resources is one of the five core themes at the Faculty of Engineering Technology for research and education. In this scope the important resources for a sustainable future are energy, water and materials. The theme Sustainable Resources is connected to the ongoing national developments to realize the Circular Economy (CE) which has an interdisciplinary character indicated by four directions of these developments regarding (1) Value Chains and Networks, (2) Users and Society, (3) Governance and Transitions and (4) Technologies and Systems.  The following scheme provides an overview of the relations between the 5 research themes of the Faculty of ET, more specifically the theme Sustainable Resources and the connection with the grand theme Circular Economy.


Research and Education for Sustainable Resources at DPM

DPM has a strong track record in Sustainable Resources in particular in the fields of energy, product design and materials. DPM Sustainable Resources Team is specialized in evaluating and developing technology and simultaneously looking for integrated engineering solutions in the form of components, products or systems by design-driven research. In this design-driven research processes related to Product and System Development and Product Life Cycles are considered to be the main framework.

In the framework of Product Life Cycles, Technologies originating from Raw Materials are Manufactured into products that are Packaged and Distributed for Marketing and Purchase by end-users and other stakeholders. During the Use phase of these products, Interaction takes place. Moreover, Maintenance will be required until the end-of-life after which Disposal or Recycling of materials will happen. In that sense, the cycle can be fully closed or partially open, leading to emissions, waste and other impacts. Naturally inputs of energy, water and materials to this cycle and the aim to reduce these inputs are vital to the Sustainable Resources.

In the context of Product and System Development the following five aspects that are considered relevant for successful product development are also considered relevant for sustainable products, namely Technologies, Financial aspects, Form giving, User aspects and Societal and Environmental aspects. Each of these five aspects contributes in a significant way to the final product and has to be taken into account during the development process.

By placing product and system development in the context of Product Life Cycles a new context is created that covers the research and educational activities of DPM in the field of Sustainable Resources: Sustainable Resources at DPM focuses on evaluating and creating more sustainable life cycles of products, by sustainable packaging and distribution, marketing, use and interaction and designs of products in the context of sustainable energy, energy-efficiency and sustainable materials.

DPM has initiated collaboration in the Faculty of ET and at University of Twente around the themes sustainability and energy by the creation of a knowledge platform for advanced research on innovations in sustainability and energy, called ARISE. Also DPM has strong connections with Circles, the circular network in Eastern Netherlands, with the National Science Agenda regarding Route 12 on Circular Economy and Material Efficiency, and the Knowledge Institute Sustainable Packaging.

Ongoing Present Research Projects and Education for Sustainable Resources

In this section ongoing present research projects and educational activities are presented.

Research Projects

Designing new business models for a circular economy, Joint research project with KIDV (Dutch Institute for Sustainable Packaging) and TIFN (Top Institute Food & Nutrition), coordinated by UT (Carsten Gelhard and Jörg Henseler, 11/2016 – 03/2018)

Packaging chains in lasting balance. Subject: Optimisation of sustainable development in the packaging life cycle. Consortium: Ardagh, Heinz, Bio+, NVC, Tata, Rexam, Paardekooper Description: Developing specifications for sustainable development in the entire packaging life cycle and convert these specifications into tools for improvements that do more justice to the definition of sustainable development and help organisations from the field of packaging in developing chainoriented solutions. Team: Roland ten Klooster, Eric Lutters, Ellen Oude Luttikhuis, Jos de Lange (Dates?)

CESEPS “Co-Evolution of Smart Energy Products and Services”, ERA-Net Plus Smart Grids project in collaboration with UT, TUD, Wageningen University, Utrecht University, DNV GL, eseia, TU Graz and Austrian Institute of Technology, coordinated by UT (Angele Reinders, 02/2016 – 01/2019)

Distributed solar photovoltaic systems for electricity system resilience in Indonesia, LPDP funded PhD project, Kunaifi with supervision by Angele Reinders (2016-2020)

Smart grids design, UCF funded PhD Project, Uche Obinna with supervison by Angele Reinders (Expected end date: 2017)

Living Smart Campus project; Solar Powered E-bikes, Angele Reinders with Karst Geurs (2017)

Towards freeform wicks for phase-transitional heat exchangers, SBE-Institute of Engineering (Wessel Wits, Davoud Jafari (PostDoc), 2017-2018)

Heat transfer for different working fluids in modern Pulsating Heat Pipe (PHP) systems, collaboration with Netherlands Aerospace Laboratory (Wessel Wits, 2016-2017)

Thermal management of high-flux planar structures through heat pipe technology, collaboration with Thales Nederland B.V. (Wessel Wits, 2016-ongoing)

Back to the Sustainable Future, visions of Sustainability in the History of Design ; research in sustainability issues from a Design History perspective. Collaboration with Universities of Oslo and Umeå (Wouter Eggink)

Design & Styling of sustainable technology; research in design issues of innovative sustainable technologies and the (influence of styling cues on the) success factors for diffusion. Several Master assignments and collaboration within the master course Sources of Innovation (Wouter Eggink)


Master Course on Designing Business Models: This course is planned to also be offered to master students of SET. If this should be the case, one unit of the course could specifically address the question “How to Design Sustainable Business Models”.

Life-cycle Strategy, master’s program of Industrial Design Engineering (Marten Toxopeus)

Product Life Cycle, master’s program of Industrial Design Engineering (Marten Toxopeus)

Sources of Innovation, master’s program of Industrial Design Engineering (Angele Reinders)

Solar Energy, master’s program of Sustainable Energy Technology (Angele Reinders)


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