Dongen, L.A.M

PROF.DR.IR. l.a.m. VAN doNGEN (leo)

Chair of Maintenance Engineering / Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Netherlands Railways

Telephone: +31 53 489 2520


Room: Horstring W231 

GENERAL INFORMATION Leo A.M. van Dongen (1954) has worked for the Netherlands Railways (NS, 100% state owned) for over 30 years. He is Chief Technology Officer (CTO), responsible for the Asset Management of the rolling stock fleet, workshops and maintenance equipment.

Since 2010, he has been a part-time professor in Maintenance Engineering at the faculty of Engineering Technology, in the department of Design, Production and Management of the University of Twente.

After his studies in mechanical engineering, he completed his doctoral research at Eindhoven University of Technology on energy efficiency of drive trains for electric vehicles. At DAF Trucks he was active in the development of diesel engines. His career within NS has concentrated mainly on technological functions. These include project manager of electric locomotives, secretary to the executive board, fleet manager at NS Reizigers, and, within Ned Train, he was responsible for technical fleet management, maintenance systems, spare parts purchase, maintenance management and construction of new capital goods.

In addition to his work at NS he promotes the academic development of the profession and encourages further research into maintenance processes: from design methodologies for capital goods to the development of associated maintenance concepts, not only for the initial investment, but also for the management during the entire life-cycle!

“It is a challenge to collaborate between organization and people in order to unite technology, knowledge and sustainable operational management. I intend to enable the new generation of engineers make even more progress in this respect.”



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