Governmental Decision Support

Within the theme Governmental Decision Support, we aim to develop and evaluate tools to support collaborative decision-making in the public domain. For this purpose, we for example deploy gaming techniques to provide stakeholders with a common ground and level playing field to discuss and explore relevant issues. In this approach, we acknowledge the multidisciplinary background of each stakeholder and facilitate stakeholders in bringing in their expertise to gaming sessions.

Current Projects


The Human Centred Design chair is involved in two research projects part of the RiverCare research programme. One project, titled the Virtual River, aims to develop a serious gaming environment as a tool for actors to explore river management strategies in a collaborative fashion and subsequently evaluate the applicability and usefulness of the serious gaming environment. The second project aims to develop a knowledge platform to provide access to as well as explain and gather feedback about the potential use of RiverCare results to water professionals. In this knowledge, the use of storylines and narratives are explored and evaluated as a communication strategy of results in parallel to more conventional strategies such as scientific papers. R.J. den Haan (Robert-Jan)

Responsible Smart City Design

In this research project, we work together with a diverse consortium of project partners to develop a collaboration platform that supports the development of inclusive smart city projects. To achieve this goal, we focus on exploring how to make responsible use of technology in our cities to preserve important social values.

dr. J. Matos Castano (Julieta)
Postdoctoral Researcher Human Centred Design

Mascha van der Voort Prof. dr. ir.