Liander and University of Twente: Collaborating to Resolve Sustainable Asset Management Challenges for Distribution System Operators in the Netherlands

Liander and the University of Twente have formed a collaborative partnership to address sustainable asset management challenges faced by Distribution System Operators in the Netherlands. Despite extensive research on sustainability, the implementation of circular economy practices remains fragmented. The problems lie in effectively integrating circular economy principles and sustainability into asset management decision-making. Recent challenges faced by Liander in purchasing equipment, such as transformers and cables, while aiming for climate neutrality, exemplify these issues. The global imperative to enhance industry and asset sustainability underscores the significance of sustainability and the circular economy. Early awareness of sustainability aspects is crucial, particularly in identifying critical life cycle considerations throughout the asset life cycle. Sustainable management over the life cycle is complex, requiring the integration of processes, people, and technology within the energy production and distribution ecosystem. The research conducted by Liander and the University of Twente will focus on the timely identification, categorization, and mitigation of combined economic, sustainability, and social impacts on various policies, programs, strategies, and action plans for asset management. This assessment will aid decision-making and strategic asset management planning within the Dutch national energy network assets policy cycle. To effectively address these challenges, training and skilling of stakeholders are essential to increase issue identification and awareness.

University of Twente Team

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