Asset Management & Maintenance Engineering

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The chair of Asset Management & Maintenance Engineering focuses on maintenance engineering and design for maintenance: developing a maintenance program for a given capital asset (e.g., a train, radar system, or chemical plant) and developing capital assets such that they can be maintained cost-effectively throughout their useful life. This is closely related to asset management. For publications, please see each researcher’s individual website.


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Student assignments

Students looking for an assignment (Master’s graduation assignment, vrije minor, vrije opdracht, capita selecta, stage) at the chair are encouraged to contact Jan Braaksma, Willem Haanstra and Alberto Martinetti (also have a look at our list of assignments).

Professional course

If you are already working in a maintenance-related field, you may be interested in our professional masterclass:

Master Class Maintenance Engineering & Management

Masterclass for professionals on Maintenance Engineering and Asset Managament.

Contact Jan Braaksma for more information.

Affiliations & Information for companies

We refer to other websites for the master specialization (MEO) Maintenance Engineering & Operations, our cooperation with other chairs, Twente Is Maintenance Excellence (TIME), WCM Summer School.

At a national level, the chair is involved in a maintenance master that is being developed by a consortium of research groups under the flag of World Class Maintenance. This consortium also organizes a successful summer school which is held every year and is very interesting for both Master's students and young professionals.

Companies interested in the chair of Asset Management and Maintenance Engineering are also very much encouraged to contact Jan Braaksma and Alberto Martinetti. We are interested in possibilities to do research at/with companies and to give professional education.


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