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MSc Seminar on May 28, 2020, 12.45-13.30 Online

Speakers will be:

  • Joran van den Bosse: "Heuristic for the Sensor/Weapon And Target Problem Using Fuzzy Inference Systems".
  • Tim van Genderen:    "Sequential Quadratic Programming in transport modelling" (about his Final project).

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Operations Research Seminar 

Date unknown: Milan Lopuhaä - Zwakenberg (TU Eindhoven) will give a presentation on

The privacy-utility tradeoff under Local Differential Privacy

Abstract: Local Differential Privacy (LDP) provides a framework to deal with a setting where a data aggregator is interested in the population statistics of their userbase, but the users do not trust the aggregator with their private data. Under this framework, each user uses an LDP protocol to randomize their data before sending it to the aggregator. This way, an aggregator has uncertainty about any individual’s private data, while for a large number of users the random noise `cancels out’, providing the aggregator with reliable statistics. A fundamental question in the study of LDP is how user privacy and aggregator utility are related. In this talk, I show that by approaching this question from an information-theoretical perspective, we are able to significantly improve earlier bounds on the relation between privacy and utility.

This is joint work with Zitao Li, Boris Škorić, and Ninghui Li.

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