MSc Seminar on November 29, 2018, 12.45-13.30 in CR2M

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Operations Research Seminar on October 30, 12.45-13.30

Speaker: Michael Fleermann
Affiliation: FernUniversität, Hagen
Titel: Global and Local Semicircle Laws for Random Matrices with Curie-Weiss Entries





In this talk, we will discuss new global and local semicircle laws for random matrices and random band matrices with Curie-Weiss entries. These are correlated {-1,+1}-valued random variables that are used in statistical mechanics as a toy model for magnetism. Each variable represents a magnetic spin which can be positive or negative, and spins are more likely to be aligned than chaotic. This alignment pressure (correlation) is governed by a model parameter β >0, which is called “inverse temperature.” The correlation of Curie-Weiss spins becomes stronger as the temperature falls (β grows), resembling the behavior of magnetic effects in the real world. Not surprisingly, the quality of our semicircle laws will depend strongly on the values of β. 

Operations Research seminar

Operations Research Seminar on May 29, 12.45-13.30 in CR 2M

Speaker:Eline Tsai
Affiliation: UT, EWI, SOR
Title: From blood withdrawal to first results; the role of process mining (qualifier presentation)
During this PhD project the clinical chemistry and hematology laboratories in the three participating hospitals, Erasmus MC, VUmc and AMC, are considered. Together with the choice of expensive laboratory equipment and laboratory layout, hospital laboratories have to decide on settings such as prioritization of tests and batch sizes. The choice of laboratory configuration is often ad hoc and based on best practices. In this project, we aim to make this decision based on data and mathematical modeling. During this qualifier presentation, the setting of this PhD project will be described and the role process mining will play. Process mining is able to connect event data and process models, enabling the possibility to assess the performance of laboratory configurations and compare them.

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