Program SITB 2018


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Keynote speakers:

Marcel Worring (University of Amsterdam). Deep Learning for Multimedia

With the advent of deep learning many applications of machine learning have surfaced ranging from medical diagnostics, autonomous driving, and product recommendation to social media analytics. For image analysis a lot of research has focused on classification of data using convolutional neural nets which are reaching very high performance. Recently graph based convolutional nets have started to gain momentum which focus on relations between different elements. We are extending these techniques to multimedia collections. In this presentation we show our work in this area where we first focus on techniques which are based on relations between items and from there we move on to techniques based on hypergraphs which can model relations and groups of items at the same time. Results of these techniques are shown on webforum data containing images, text, and metadata.

Petar Popovski (Aalborg University), How Reliability, Latency, Massiveness, and Blockchain are Transforming IoT Communication

The future wireless landscape, often associated with 5G, envisions three types of connectivity: enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC), and massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC). The latter two are seen as two generic types that support Internet of Things (IoT) communication, putting forward new types of requirements and research challenges, such as: protocols that operate with short packets, access for massive number of devices, techniques to achieve and assess extremely high reliability, etc. This set of challenges is further enriched by the advent of blockchain systems and smart contracts that allow autonomous interaction among IoT devices. The consensus protocols that set the basis for blockchain systems are critically reliant on communication, but they change the traffic pattern that has been envisioned for pre-blockchain IoT communication systems. This talk will give a perspective on the communication engineering challenges related to the emerging IoT communication systems, outline methods and architectures to solve them and provide communication-theoretic insights in some of the fundamental tradeoffs.

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Awards & Closure

KEYNOTE 1, Thursday, May 31, 13.15-14.00
Deep Learning for Multimedia
Marcel Worring, University of Amsterdam

KEYNOTE 2, Friday, June 1, 9.30-10.30
Petar Popovski, Aalborg University

ORAL SESSION 1, Thursday, May 31, 11.00-12.20
Long range IoT connections: experimental confirmation of the energy drain and exploration of escape routes
Gilles Callebaut, Geoffrey Ottoy, Guus Leenders, Lieven De Strycker and Liesbet Van der Perre

Social diversity for reducing the impact of information cascades on social learning
Fernando Rosas, Kwang-Cheng Chen and Deniz Gündüz

Zero Secrecy Leakage for Multiple Enrollments of Physical Unclonable Functions
Lieneke Kusters, Onur Günlü and Frans M.J. Willems

Operational Rate-Constrained Noise Reduction for Generalized Binaural Hearing Aid Setups
Jamal Amini, Richard C. Hendriks, Ricahrd Heusdens, Meng Guo and Jesper Jensen

ORAL SESSION 2,Thursday, May 31, 14.15-15.35
Quantum Key Recycling with noise
Daan Leermakers and Boris Škorić

Feasibility of Colonic Polyp classification with CNN based on Blue Light and Linked Color Imaging
R. Fonollà, F. van der Sommen, R.M. Schreuder, E.J. Schoon and P. H.N de With

Effect of Splitter & Combiner Non-Idealities in mm-wave Hybrid MU-MIMO System
Abhijeet Kanitkar, Steve Blandino, Claude Desset, André Bourdoux, Sofie Pollin

Distributed Edge-Variant Graph Filters
Mario Coutino, Elvin Isufi and Geert Leus

ORAL SESSION 3, Friday, June 1, 10.50-12.10
Improved BER Performance of Hard-decision Staircase Code via Geometric Shaping
Yi Lei, Bin Chen and Alex Alvarado

Particle Filter-based Parameter Estimation in a Model of the Human Circadian Rhythm
Jochem Bonarius and Jean-Paul Linnartz

A Blockchain-based Signature Scheme for Dynamic Coalitions
Ricky A. Sewsingh, Jan C.A. Van der Lubbe and Merel J. De Boer

Wireless Channel Modeling for Low-altitude UAV Networks in Urban Environments
Jianqiao Cheng, Ke Guan and François Quitin

ORAL SESSION 4, Friday, June 1, 14.00-15.20
Distributed adaptive signal estimation in wireless sensor networks with noise in the exchanged signals
Fernando de la Hucha Arce, Marc Moonen, Marian Verhelst, Alexander Bertrand

Breaking Out of the Black Box in Automated Image-Based Flower Recognition
Diah Harmony. Apriyanti, Luuk Spreeuwers and Raymond Veldhuis

Capacity of the First-Order Low-Pass Channel with Power Constraint 
Shokoufeh Mardani and Jean-Paul Linnartz

A Quantum Key Recycling Scheme based on qubits
Helena Bruyninckx

POSTER SESSION 1, Thursday, May 31, 15.45-16.30
Maximum Likelihood Decoding for Channels with Uniform Noise and Offset
Renfei Bu and Jos Weber

Calculation of the Mean Strain of Non-uniform Strain Fields Using Conventional FBG Sensors
Aydin Rajabzadeh, Richard C. Hendriks, Roger M. Groves and Richard Heusdens

Estimating Source-to-Electrode Transfer Functions in Atrial Electrograms
Bahareh Abdi, Richard C. Hendriks, Alle-Jan van der Veen and Natasja M.S. de Groot

Video Quality Assessment in Video Streaming Services: Encoder Performance Comparison
Rufat Alizada

The Behavior of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) for Face Recognition
Nova Hadi Lestriandoko, Luuk Spreeuwers and Raymond Veldhuis

Enabling Transmit Diversity in a Distributed Architecture for IEEE 802.11p
Lars van Meurs, Arie Koppelaar,Alessio Filippi and Marinus van Splunter

A Novel Low-Complexity Robust Distributed Beamformer
Andreas I. Koutrouvelis, Thomas W. Sherson, Richard Heusdens and Richard C. Hendriks

PUF-Enabled Asymmetric Cryptography
R. Uppu, T.A.W. Wolterink, S.A. Goorden, B.C. Chen, B. Škorić, A.P. Mosk and P.W.H. Pinkse

Fingerprint template protection with spectral minutia-pair representations
Taras Stanko, Bin Chen and Boris Škorić

Secure comparison through simple bit operations
Thijs Veugen

POSTER SESSION 2, Friday, June 1, 13.00-13.45
On the Effect of Polarization for Reliable Massive MIMO Communication
Sara Gunnarsson, Jose Flordelis, Liesbet Van der Perre and Fredrik Tufvesson

Gabor Expansion for Simultaneous Wireless Power and Information Transfer (SWIPT): Interference Analysis
Hussein Kassab and Jérôme Louveaux

Rate-Distributed Spatial Filtering Based Noise Reduction in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
Jie Zhang, Richard Heusdens and Richard C. Hendriks

Measurement-based Assessment of Noise Sources in Office and Household Environments Impacting Ultrasound Indoor Positioning
Chesney Buyle, Bert Cox and Liesbet Van der Perre

Region of interest segmentation of VLE data using CNN and weighted groundtruth
Joost van der Putten, Fons van der Sommen, Maarten R. Struyvenberg, Jeroen de Groof, Wouter Curvers, Jaques J.J.G.H.M. Bergman and Peter H.N. de With

The coset leader weight enumerator of the product code [m, m-1, 2]q ⊗ [n, n-1, 2]q
Putranto Utomo and Ruud Pellikaan

A Prototype of Finger-vein Phantom
P. Normakristagaluh, L.J. Spreeuwers and R.N.J. Veldhuis

On Constellation Shaping for Short Block Lengths
Y.C. Gültekin, W.J. van Houtum and F.M.J. Willems

Round Robin Differential Phase Shift QKD security proof
Daan Leermakers and Boris Škorić