Welcome to Dr. Arjun Kumar! A new postdoctoral researcher in the Radio Systems group

Welcome to Dr. Arjun Kumar, a new postdoctoral researcher that joined the Radio Systems group on the 1st of June. 

Arjun obtained his PhD in RF and Microwave Engineering in 2014 from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee doing research on microstrip filters with fabrication and measurement using defected ground topologies. He then continued working on projects designing microwave components like microstrip patch antenna, couplers, and active microwave components at the Microwave Lab at Korea University in Seoul, Intel Lab in Guadalajara, Mexico, and most recently at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Bennett University in India. As of 1st of June 2022, Dr. Kumar joined the Radio Systems group at the University of Twente as a postoctoral researcher where his focus will be development of passive microwave tags for application in harmonic radar systems.