PostDoc position in RS group Joint Communication and Sensing (JCAS)

The group of Radio Systems (RS) within the University of Twente (UT), 4TU Federation, the Netherlands, has a vacancy for a Postdoc position with the aim to define and develop a novel framework for the Joint Communication and Sensing (JCAS), a key feature for 6G.

Radar and communication systems have been historically separated worlds. With the demand for super-high-throughput wireless connectivity for not only the mobile use, but also the smarty factory, connected robotics/machines/vehicles, and personalized remote health monitoring, the sensing of the surrounding environment while communicating becomes crucial, e.g., for reliable high-speed communication free from blockage, for safety or route planning, etc. With the use of high frequencies (beyond sub-6GHz, going to mmWave and sub-THz) and the dedicated antenna array systems, the available spectrum, small wavelength, high sampling speed result in high delay-angular-temporal resolutions that benefit both communication and sensing. Despite of the challenges in waveform design, array aperture design, radio resource allocation, signal processing, data analytics and in other layers, within the stringent performance requirements, the integration of communication and sensing is promising to enable the future intelligent networks.

For additional information you can check the position description atĀ University of Twente vacancy page. You may also contact A.B.J. Kokkeler ( and Dr. Y. Miao ( for more information.

Are you interested to be part of our team? Please send your application untilĀ January 15, 2022, via this link.