Pervasive Systems Utilization

Pervasive Systems’s vision is that seamless integration of computing with the physical world via sensors and actuators and computing systems will provide the society higher living standards, greater safety, more comfort and efficiency in a sustainable world.

Current industrial and academic research indicates that pervasive systems might soon become an integral part of our daily lives with applications in economically and societal important areas such as environmental monitoring, health, sports, transport and logistics, (infra)structure monitoring, offshore applications, public and industrial safety, manufacturing plants, supply chain management, agriculture, and asset management.

The high social and economic relevance and impact of PS research is also shown by the success of its spin-offs in application domains, which address both individuals and communities at large.

To accommodate the demands of (regional) SMEs and industry in terms of IoT and big data technology and in the context of the Twente47 initiative, IoT business accelerator, various activities have been performed to strengthen the market position and expertise of the East Netherlands industry in the area of IoT. PS has played a leading role in identifying scientific and technological challenges and initiating several R&D projects around these lines. PS has also initiated the COMMIT2Data IoT Data Hub in the Netherland.