Pervasive Systems Research Data Sets

Data sets, source codes, and APPs

Pervasive Systems group has a number of data sets, source codes, and APPs, which with a proper acknowledgement, can be used for research purposes.

Horsing Around -- A Dataset Comprising Horse Movement

Job-shop Scheduling Problem Event Dataset

Channel state information (WiFi traces) for 6 activities

Multi Sensor-Orientation Movement Data of Goats

Smoking Activity Dataset

RSS dataset for indoor localization using smartphones, WiFI access points, and iBeacons

Labeled behavioral data from 4 individual goats and 2 sheep

Complex Human Activities Dataset (13 activities)

Source code for the simulator used in paper entitled 'Unified routing for data dissemination in smart city networks'

Physical Activity Recognition Dataset Using Smartphone Sensors

Sensors activity dataset

Android App for Data Collection

Sensors Android App for Data Collection