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Smart Connected Bikes Field Trials Featured in U-Today

Last week, our researchers from the Smart Connected Bikes project started their field trials in the UT campus. They use sensors to acquire data from the bicycle and the cyclist and investigate how cyclists perceive safety, warnings, and how the road quality is.

We use several sensors such as Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), camera, heart rate sensor, skin conductance sensors, etc. to measure the cycling (e)motion. One of our enthusiastic participants Rense Kuipers published a nice article about our field trials in the U-Today Magazine. You can read all about his experiences in this article: https://www.utoday.nl/science/74080/we-willen-fietsen-veiliger-en-plezieriger-maken

We are still actively looking for participants that can help us with our field trials. You will receive a gift voucher worth €10! Please sign up via: https://app.simplymeet.me/smartbikes

Do you have more questions? Please feel free to reach out to our researchers at: smartconnectedbikes@utwente.nl.

See you at the UT!