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Keynote in IEEE TrustSense Workshop

PS successfully participated in and contributed to the prestigious IEEE PerCom 2024 held on March 11-15, in Biarritz, France. Yanqiu Huang and Deepak Yeleshetty delivered a keynote in the IEEE TrustSense Workshop, hosted as a part of the conference.

In the IEEE TrustSense workshop, Yanqiu Huang and Deepak Yeleshetty delivered a keynote titled "Pedaling Privacy: Unveiling the Potential of Crowdsensing with insights from a Smart Connected Bicycle Infrastructure". They spoke about our Smart Connected Bikes (LinkedIn page) project and how we leverage secure crowdsensing in several applications. Thanks to Paul HavingaLuca Bedogni, and Stefano Ferretti for the opportunity.

Yanqiu and Deepak delivered the interactive keynote with high clarity and put our research on the spotlight. They initiated several insightful discussions and some potential collaborations with other researchers all across the world.