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Our researchers win Best Camper Award at #CRBAM23

Great Achievement!

Our BSc and PhD researchers Pookhao Chinpongsuwan and Mario Boot won the Best Camper Award at the Cycling Research Board Annual Meeting 2023 for our innovative work "Exploring the potential of fNIRS in capturing subjective cycling experiences." (the submission can be found attached below).

This prestigious award was for our commitment to the principles of Creative, Accessible, Mutable, Pleasurable, Inspiring, Nurturing, and Ground-Breaking (CAMPING) research.

We're grateful for the recognition from #CRBAM23, University College Twente, BMS Lab, UTwente Transport Systems Group, Pervasive Systems group at the UT, and the Smart Connected Bikes project (www.smartconnectedbikes.nl) for creating the conditions to achieve this success.