Faculty Council

The EEMCS Faculty Council serves as the representative body for both students and employees of the faculty. The primary function of this council is to endorse and spearhead the faculty's policies. To accomplish this, the council works in close partnership with the faculty board and other participatory bodies at our university. The Faculty Council focuses on various topics such as education policies (including Education and Examination regulations), research, personnel, and working conditions.

For more information on how the Faculty Council (FC) works
Please visit the FC website


To contact the faculty council, you can contact the secretariat (Inge Lefers):

Phone: 053 - 489 2514
Email: inge.lefers@utwente.nl
Mailing address:

University of Twente - Faculty EEMCS attn. Faculty council EEMCS
Building Zilverling room 1070
Postal box 217 - 7500 AE Enschede

It is also possible to contact the members of the faculty council directly. You can find the current members on the Faculty Council members page.