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Six UT experts amongst Netherlands Academy of Engineering fellows

The Netherlands Academy of Engineering is about to start and has appointed 62 top experts as fellow (NAE members). Among them are also a number of UT employees. These experts, originating from the realms of engineering, applied research and innovation, will play an active role in fulfilling NAE's mission. They share the conviction that engineering-based innovation is the key to creating and deploying solutions that address pressing societal issues and transitions. The 4TU.Federation, as well as the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and Economic Affairs (EZK), enabled the foundation of the NAE.


Technological progress, spanning from electricity to artificial intelligence, has fundamentally reshaped the world. The smart application of technology is imperative for realising innovations essential for the sustainable advancement of our society, ensuring universal access to high-quality healthcare, nutrition, energy, water, and housing. This mission forms the cornerstone of the Netherlands Academy of Engineering. Find out more about NAE's mission here.

UT experts

The following UT experts are appointed: 

  • Marieke Huisman; professor of software reliability
  • Suzanne Hulscher; professor of marine and fluvial systems
  • Detlef Lohse; professor of physics of fluids
  • Maroeska Rovers; scientific director TechMed Centre
  • Vinod Subramaniam; President of the Executive Board
  • Gabrielle Tuijthof; professor of biomedical device design & production technology

In addition, the fellows also include a number of UT alumni, including, for instance, Jos Benschop, Dennis Schipper, Paul Vulto and Abeje Yenehun Mersha. Access the list of NAE Fellows here.

A Network of Engineers

Numerous other countries have already instituted their own national Academies of Engineering, such as the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the German National Academy of Science and Engineering (Acatech). NAE is a member of the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies, and Engineering and a soon-to-be member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences. This empowers NAE to represent the Netherlands on the international stage and translate foreign insights into the Dutch context.

The Dedication and Expertise of the Fellows

Within NAE's assembly of fellows, you will discover experts from educational institutions, businesses, and emerging enterprises, all active across various sectors, including High Tech Systems and Materials, ICT, Healthcare, Energy, Water Management, and Food. Of the entire roster of appointed fellows, 36 per cent are women. These fellows will impart their knowledge and competencies through the NAE forum, transforming insights into actionable guidance, and working to eliminate hurdles while stimulating concrete innovation initiatives. Starting in 2024, NAE will choose ten new fellows annually. 


The formal inauguration of the 62 fellows will transpire on Monday, 13 November, at De Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. In addition to the caretaker Ministers of Education, Culture, and Science and Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the 4TU.Federation will deliver speeches as well as Tuula Teeri, president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and Chair of Euro-CASE.

For a comprehensive program and registration particulars, please follow this link.