As an Associate Professor at the University of Twente’s MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology I head an independent research line on silicon quantum electronics within the NanoElectronics group. I am co-director of the Centre for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente (QUANT), and coordinator of the FET-OPEN project TOPSQUAD. Below you can find a relatively technical description or my research. These two videos are reasonably accessible for a broader audience: TOPSQUAD and QUANT. Here are a Dutch radio interview and podcast about Quantum physics and technology (Sep 2021).

Associate Professor with ius promovendi, University of Twente (2019–present).
Associate Professor, University of Twente (2015–2019). 
Assistant Professor, University of Twente (2011–2015).
Field of research: Silicon Quantum Electronics

Post-doc, UNSW Sydney, Australia (2008–2011).
PIs: Andrew Dzurak, Andrea Morello

PhD, TU Delft (2008). Advisor: Leo Kouwenhoven.
Thesis: Spin and charge in semiconductor nanowires

Visiting Scientist, Harvard University, USA (2003).
PI: Charles Marcus

MSc Applied Physics, TU Delft, NL (2003).
Thesis supervisor: Hans Mooij

38 publications, >2400 citations, h = 19. (Web of Science)



2020 – FET-FLAG (European Commission H2020)  
2020 – ENW Groot (Dutch Science Foundation NWO) 
2019 – FET-OPEN coordinator (European Commission H2020)  
2017 – NWA Startimpuls (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)
2015 – VIDI laureate (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)
2015 – Prize for excellent teaching in BSc Advanced Technology
2013 – FET ProActive (European Commission FP7 Program)
2012 – FOM Projectruimte (Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter)
2011 – FOM Projectruimte (Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter)
2011 – VENI laureate (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)
2011 – Marie Curie career Integration Grant (European Commission)
2011 – NWO nano (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)


Throughout the year we have a few PhD and Post-doc positions available in our group. We currently have no open PhD positions and 1 open post-doc position. You may contact me directly for more information.


Prof. dr. ir. F.A. Zwanenburg
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t: +31 53 489 1081
f: +31 53 489 4571

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