As an Associate Professor at the University of Twente’s MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology I head an independent research line on silicon quantum electronics within the NanoElectronics group. I am co-director of the Centre for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente (QUANT), and coordinator of the FET-OPEN project TOPSQUAD. Below you can find a relatively technical description or my research. These two videos are accessible for a broader audience: TOPSQUAD and QUANT.

Associate Professor with ius promovendi, University of Twente (2019–present).
Associate Professor, University of Twente (2015–2019). 
Assistant Professor, University of Twente (2011–2015).
Field of research: Silicon Quantum Electronics

Post-doc, UNSW Sydney, Australia (2008–2011).
PIs: Andrew Dzurak, Andrea Morello

PhD, TU Delft (2008). Advisor: Leo Kouwenhoven.
Thesis: Spin and charge in semiconductor nanowires

Visiting Scientist, Harvard University, USA (2003).
PI: Charles Marcus

MSc Applied Physics, TU Delft, NL (2003).
Thesis supervisor: Hans Mooij

38 publications, >2300 citations, h = 18.



2020 – FET-FLAG (European Commission H2020)  
2020 – ENW Groot (Dutch Science Foundation NWO) 
2019 – FET-OPEN coordinator (European Commission H2020)  
2017 – NWA Startimpuls (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)
2015 – VIDI laureate (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)
2015 – Prize for excellent teaching in BSc Advanced Technology
2013 – FET ProActive (European Commission FP7 Program)
2012 – FOM Projectruimte (Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter)
2011 – FOM Projectruimte (Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter)
2011 – VENI laureate (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)
2011 – Marie Curie career Integration Grant (European Commission)
2011 – NWO nano (Dutch Science Foundation NWO)


Throughout the year we have a few PhD and Post-doc positions available in our group. We currently have 2 open PhD positions and 1 open post-doc position. You may contact me directly for more information.


Prof. dr. ir. F.A. Zwanenburg
@: f.a.zwanenburg@utwente.nl_ (remove underscore for email contact) 
t: +31 53 489 1081
f: +31 53 489 4571

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