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Our group offers:

Bachelor and Master thesis assignments

Open for students from Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, as well as Electrical Engineering. No subjects are compulsory, but the course NanoElectronics (Course code 193400141) is strongly recommended. If you are interested in doing your BSc or MSc project in NE, please read these:

What will I do during my BSc or MSc project?
What subjects can I work on?
BSc and MSc projects


We provide several courses in the BSc and MSc education of the faculties Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS / EWI), and Science and Technology (TNW). See list here.


We have many international contacts to whom we can introduce you, a.o. in Japan, Australia, Switzerland and the USA. If you have done your MSc thesis work in our group then we will happily serve as a reference.

For more information on these topics please make an appointment with Wilfred G. van der Wiel via our secretary via NEsecretary[AT]