Dr. Mirko Lehmann

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

Wattwil, Switzerland

a company of the Endress and Hauser group

Title: "Different flow applications require different devices and technologies"

There are various situations how and where to measure flow. The media (gas or liquid, harsh environments...), the dynamic range, the response time, life time requirements, only to name a few can vary in these situations.

For these different applications there is not one flow sensor, one device. But, there are a lot of different devices based on various technologies. Some of those different technologies are presented ranging from measuring with a sensorelement directly in liquids over measuring dynamic ranges from 0.001 m/s...100 m/s to measuring flow with living cells.

Advantages, disadvantages and histories of the development of these sensor devices are also adressed.

Mirko Lehmann, Dr. rer. nat, born 1971, studied physics, graduated with dissertation at the university of Rostock in the field of cellular sensors. From 1996 to 2007 at Micronas GmbH in Freiburg, Germany responsible for Advanced Sensors. Since 2007 at Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG in Wattwil (, Switzerland a company of the Endress and Hauser group, Reinach Switzerland in the position of the Managing Director and Supervisory Board Member of the Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft (HSG) with the insitutes IMIT in Villingen and IMAT in Stuttgart (both germany).

Several patents, publications and projects in the field of sensorics, among other publications: co-editor of the Springer book Solid State Gas Sensors: From Operating Principle to Industrialisation (other editor: Maximilian Fleischer, Siemens)