Symposium on Saturday 9 Juni

Lustrum symposium

We like to invite you to participate in the Lustrum Symposium. The organisation is obviously in full swing, so not everything can be revealed yet.

As moderator of our Lustrum Symposium we have invited a high-flyer alumnus: Michel Vellekoop. 

The lecturers of the symposium are being invited at this moment, so we cannot yet give you a list of names. But maybe nice to know is the speaker of the final presentation: Anatoliy Babic. Alumni Applied Mathematics and co-founder of SciSports. This UT-Start-up makes scientific progress accessible and available for any professional football organization. They advise and build solutions to provide them with the competitive edge they need to maintain or improve their ranking and status. Recently – 23 February – the signed a contract with the football team SC Heerenveen for the coming seasons. Of course, SC Heerenveen is not the only football team they are advising. This will be a very interesting lecture

As soon as we have more details to share, e.g. about the speakers or when registration will be open, we will inform you via this website. Follow us on Facebook as well for the latest news. (