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    Another great communication tool is the alumni announcements group chat on Whatsapp which Abacus is starting up. This way, they can inform you in time about interesting events for AM alumni so that you can note the date in your calendar. They will only promote activities which they think will be really interesting for alumni, so no worries about spam!  If you are interested in joining this group chat, join via Stay well-informed about the latest Abacus events for alumni! 

    Besides the possibility of editing your profile on the alumni portal (via your student number and password), you'll find the latest alumni network news on the alumnipages. You have access to the library where you can use JSTOR for free and browse academic journals, articles, theses and papers. Goodhabitz offers free courses in all kinds of fields. So definitely worth taking a look! Via the Network button, you can search for fellow students you have lost track of.  

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Welcome to our alumni website of the department Applied Mathematics

This is the place where you can find information about interesting stuff for alumni, like;

For more information or when looking for the archive please visit the Dutch website of Kwadrant,  or if you want more information about the Department of Applied Mathematics check out the DAMUT website