Interaction LabEventsScience Soup: Spiral of Time

Science Soup: Spiral of Time

This Science Soup is about an interactive art project, “Spiral of Time”, an exploration of how technology can capture and reinterpret the essence of time through sound. This installation allows users to travel through soundscapes recorded from a specific location, creating personal narratives by interacting with the interface accessible via any web browser.

The audience will get to hear first-hand about the challenges and triumphs in developing the Autonomous Audio Recorder (AAR), a solar-powered device designed to capture high-quality audio autonomously. This system not only records precise slices of ambient sound every hour but also seamlessly uploads these captures to a remote server, ensuring a continuous audio archive of a place over time. Furthermore, this talk will highlight the creative process behind making a remote location's unique soundscapes accessible to a global audience. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, sound designer, or someone intrigued by the innovative use of technology in artistic expression, this presentation will offer valuable insights into the synergy of technology and sound.

  • Speaker: Wahaj Ahmad
  • There will be free soup for lunch