The ICD group operates in the exiting area where systems and circuits meet. We offer several Bachelor courses and Master courses, also to other faculties.

Bachelor projects / Master thesis projects

There are plenty of possibilities to do Bachelor projects (201800431) and Master projects (191211219) in the IC Design group. Most of these projects are related to research projects of PhD students working in the group, or are in direct cooperation with industry. There are several ways to find a project that suits you best. First of all, have a look at the research page, and at the pages of the staff members and PhD students, to see which subjects have your special interest. You can then contact the people directly, or you can contact Ronan van der Zee for an overview of the Bachelor projects or Bram Nauta for more information on available Master Thesis projects. They have up-to-date information about the latest options. Information on the programme formalities can be found here (Bachelor) and here (Master).

ICD is teaching in the following courses and modules: (links refer to the course of the previous year)

Bachelor modules:

Master courses:

The ICD group offers the Master courses for the specialization Integrated Circuit Design. There's a dedicated page about this specialization where you can find the compulsory courses and other requirements, as well as a video in which ICD students explain what inspires them in Integrated circuit Design.

System design

Sub-system design

Circuit level design