Integrated circuits are at the heart of the rapid developments in mobile telecommunications, multi-media and internet, and in numerous other applications.

In the Integrated Circuit Design group (ICD-group) we do research on analog and mixed-signal circuits for integrated transceivers in CMOS technology. This includes transmitters and receivers for wireless and wireline communication systems. We develop clever IC design techniques to realize portable, fast and energy efficient communication systems. Current projects are in the field of frequency synthesisers, radio frontends, RF beamforming and cognitive radio.  

We think the combination of fundamental research and close cooperation with industry provides the best prerequisite to tackle these exciting challenges in high-frequency analog and mixed-signal circuit design.

ICD: fundamental solutions for practical problems.


Research Topics

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The ICD group has a firm research tradition in bipolar and CMOS circuits, and published many papers on transconductors, ADC's, LNA's, filters, mixers and power amplifiers. Due to many contacts and research contracts with industry, and the part-time position of some members in industry, the industrial relevance of the research program and the knowledge transfer is high.

A strong co-operation exists with the following groups:

The three groups have a common infrastructure offering: