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UTQ Graduation Ceremony EEMCS

Quite some academic and teaching staff at EEMCS are working to acquire their University Teaching Qualification or UTQ. Having qualified teachers is a cornerstone of educational quality, so we are very proud and happy to announce the next UTQ graduation ceremony in the Learning & Teaching Lab in the Citadel building, 16:00, June 27th, 2023.

To do this properly and celebrate this achievement with the UTQ graduates, we invite everyone to join the ceremony. On this occasion, besides the opportunity to congratulate, you can also hear the participants tell of their experiences and inspire us with some nuggets of what they did and learned during that time. We end with drinks and snacks.

Recipients of the UTQ

  • Roozing, Wesley
  • Wolterink, Jelmer 
  • Skopalik, Alexander 
  • Broenink, Jan 
  • Wang, Ying 
  • Hesselman, Cristian 
  • Hoeksma, Ruben 
  • Segers, Tim 
  • Lavrenko, Anastasia

We hope that you will be able to come!

 The EEMCS Faculty Board