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Opening Interaction Lab

In the past months, the former HMI lab has been transformed into the new Interaction Lab. We have worked on creating a space where students, researchers, and other people at the UT can come together and work on their projects.  

Recently the final steps have been made with our move to Citadel. Everything is coming together, and the spaces are set up. This gives us a reason to celebrate! 

On the 13th of February, we are celebrating the official opening of the Interaction Lab and would like to invite you to this event. Below you can find an overview of the times and activities you can join during the opening. During the event, there will be free drinks and snacks. 





15.30 - 19.00

Interactive Technology Demos

Lab Space

Interactive Installation: Collective Canvas

Lab Space

Robot Workshop

Tower Room

SIC/R Robot 

Lab Space

17.30 - 18.00

Official Opening

Tower Room


The event will take place in the Citadel building in the following two rooms:

  • Tower Room (CI-T200)
  • Lab Space (CI-H107)


Registration is easy via the button below.

More information

For more information about the Interaction Lab or the official opening on 13 February feel free to contact Daniel Davison, Lab Manager Interaction Lab.

Lab Manager
D.P. Davison PhD (Daniel)
Lab Manager