Our group has developed a demonstrator house to show to challenges and possibilities within a (future) smart grid. The house simulates various smart appliances combined with local generation and a house controller. The controller steers the smart appliances within their operational limits while using as much of the locally produced energy as possible.

The house is used to demonstrate research concepts and goals to various groups of people. For example the house was used for a live demonstration on the lowlands festival in the summer of 2012.

Current developments allow for input from the users for the house and its controller from a smart phone through the use of a app that will be freely available in the near future. This allows users to gain a deeper insight in the concepts smart house and smart grid, in an interactive and fun way.


All the appliances in the house are connected to a controller that manages their states in an intelligent manner. This means that the system will decide when to switch on or switch off appliances based on a combination of optimal functioning and your preferences. In other words, the system tries to consume as less energy as possible but keeping your life as comfortable as possible.


All the appliances in the house have been printed in 3D. There is a fridge, washingmachine, dishwasher, etc... There is even a bar!


All appliances and switches in the house can be controlled from anywhere. Did you forget to turn off the lights? Did you forget to enable the washingmachine? No problem, with the smartphone application you can connect to and fully control your home.