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Open positions

We have open positions in our multi-disciplinary research group for people with a background in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, (Applied) Mathematics, Embedded Systems, Sustainable Energy Technology, or equivalent. The positions are situated at the University of Twente, and PhD candidates and Postdocs will be integrated in an inspiring research environment. 

Below you find an overview of our current open positions. You can find a short description of each position by clicking on its title. Also, you can find more detailed descriptions via the menu to the left.

  • Open PhD and Postdoc positions in newly granted projects

    The ‘Energy Management’ group at University of Twente has recently been granted several research projects within the smart energy domain. Therefore, we have open positions for new PhD candidates and Postdocs from a wide variety of disciplines who are open to share and gain knowledge in the context of energy management systems.

    For more details see the description of the positions within these projects.

  • 3-year Postdoc Position: Multiscale control of integrated energy systems

    Within the organisation and management of future energy systems the integration of various energy-related domains and systems plays a crucial role (system integration). This integration concerns different sectors thereby combining different disciplines, (electricity, heating and transport), integration over different time domains (from several months to days ahead, to intra-day and even up to real-time decisions) and over different spatial domains (from device and building level to neighbourhood and regional level up to country or even European level). The envisioned system integration within the Energy Transition asks for a fundamentally different organisation and control of our energy systems. 

    For more details see the complete description.