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UTeachers' Academy

Excellent Teacher Practitioner (ETP) is now UTeachers' Academy!

Continuous improvement of the quality of education is important to the faculty of EEMCS. The faculty board stimulates all efforts aimed at improving the quality of education with the follow-up of the Excellent Teacher Practitioner project (2016-2018) in a new initiative called UTeachers’ Academy.

The objective of the UTeachers’ Academy is the continuous improvement of the quality of education to increase student satisfaction and increase value of and reward employees dedicated to the professionalization of their teaching practices.

The results of efforts in the past show an increase in student satisfaction, in 2019 we have four top-rated BSc programmes. Therefore, the principles used in the past ETP project, play also an important role in UTeachers’ Academy. Here we list a comprehensive list of principles we work with in the UTeachers’ Academy.

UTeachers’ Academy principles

The proposed principles for the pilot UTeachers’ Academy are as follows.

  1. The network UTeachers’ Academy starts with a small group including teachers from various educational programmes.
  2. The network applies an ‘inclusive approach’ and a ‘scholarly approach’ by which teachers expand their didactic expertise with a research-based approach to their teaching practices. The network is much more than a think-tank:
  3. Within this project we expect an active membership for at least three years.
  4. Sharing results within the faculty is important.
  5. An extensive budget is not available for the implementation of the annual programme. However, there are some ways to work around this. Please read about it in the full text in PDF (see below).
  6. The network has a president and a secretary who prepare an annual programme.
  7. The objective of the annual programme is to contribute to the professionalization of teachers within the network as well as beyond and the sharing and discussion of experiences both in and outside the network. The annual plan consists of two components.
    The first and general component is primarily focused on manifesting the network’s objective by inspiring and motivating fellow teachers. The second component consists of pilots related to the improvement of education.  
  8. The annual plan will be submitted to an assessment board for approval.
  9. The network is supported by the quality assurance coordinator and the faculty educationalist.

No network has yet been established as the UTeachers’ Academy will be adapted based on the results of the pilot and the input from the advisory group. Do you like to apply? Please contact Karin Veldhuis ( For more information about the UTeachers's Academy please contact Karen Slotman (

Brigit Geveling: An example OF promoting the Field of academic teaching

Past efforts in the Excellent Teacher Practitioner project

In 2016-2017, the pilot with working title ‘Excellent Teacher Practitioner’ (ETP) was executed. The motivation for this pilot was the EEMCS faculty’s interest to promote the field of academic teaching practices. The ETP focused on all teachers within EEMCS with the ambition to develop and implement excellent teaching practices and develop themselves, regardless of the appointed (UFO) profile. In addition to a UFO profile-based HR policy proposal used to assess the potential for advancement based on teaching practices, EEMCS would like to develop a network of excellent teachers within which the UFO profile does not play a role. Additionally, the ETP working title will now be replaced by a more suitable and engaging name, UTeachers’ Academy.

Information sources for the shaping of the ETP 1.0 pilot were the manner in which Lund University shaped professor development and research conducted by Ruth Graham as commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering. While this pilot was not based on the initiative in Lund and Ruth Graham’s research, they were used as inspiration. One of the inspiring aspects is that teachers work evidence-informed on the further development of their teaching practices and discuss the results with their colleagues. The 1.0 pilot, for which approximately 20 teachers provided input during teachers’ meetings, aimed to gain and share more clarity concerning suitable content for the UTeachers’ Academy and to begin the network.


The EEMCS Educational Seminars (started in 2010) make an important contribution to further improving education. Teachers who presented their experiences with educational innovations in the last eight seminars have been interviewed. The interviews are published in an ETP special produced by U-Today.

drs. K.M.J. Slotman (Karen)
Educational Consultant, Educational Consultant Faculty EEMCS