Data Science & AI Lab


At the University of Twente, there is a large network of statisticians, mathematicians and computer scientists working in data science. As a joint initiative, the Data Science Lab combines this expertise and offers consulting to partners outside the university. 

In many sectors, an increasing quantity of data is stored and waiting to be exploited. Therefore, many powerful methods are currently developed to process and analyze data. The researchers in the Data Science group at the University of Twente take part in this development covering a wide range of topics. This leads to a unique and broad expertise that can be valuable to any company or institution looking for support on those issues.

Depending on the workload and the precise task, different constructions are possible. In practice, this means that after receiving a request from one of our future partners, we will evaluate the needs and agree on a roadmap to solve the issue. One of the objectives of the Data Science Lab is to get students involved so that they can gain experience working on real-life problems. Concretely, there could be opportunities for internships and student projects, under the supervision of an expert of the Lab.


Data Science is a very broad theme, and the research topics of the Lab reflect this diversity of interests, such as

  • Modeling human behavior, biometrics, face recognition and computer vision, including object detection and activity recognition ;
  • Natural language processing, dialogue system and explainable AI ;
  • Networks and analysis of network data, such as the world wide web ;
  • Risk management, predictive maintenance and stochastic model checking ;
  • Machine learning, including deep neural networks as well as (classical) statistics ;
  • General statistical modeling and estimation of mathematical models.


If you are interested in advice from us, or have any question that we can help you with, please feel fee to reach out to us via the form below or send an email to Johannes Schmidt-Hieber (