The expertise of the group in the design and analysis of algorithms and mechanisms for optimization problems.  That covers a broad spectrum of research themes, which can be categorized into

  • Combinatorial & Mathematical Optimization,
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms,
  • Algorithmic Game Theory.

The group is also involved in multidisciplinary research projects and initiatives within as well as outside the UT. Industry involvement is by application-driven projects, particularly in the areas smart grid technology, logistics and traffic. 

For a more concrete idea of the type of research of our group, refer to the list of ongoing and past research projects, as well as the list of publications.

Research in these areas has numerous fields of applications, e.g. scheduling, production planning, timetabling, healthcare, communication and network design, routing in networks, models for public and private transport, traffic modelling, pricing of network services, etc. There is a number of research networks and schools in which we participate, listed blow.

Research institutes and schools in which we participate:

  • National Network of the Mathematics of Operations Research LNMB
  • National Mathematics Cluster DIAMANT
  • UT Research Institute on Science for a Smart Society CTIT
  • Beta Research School for Operations Management and Logistics BETA
  • Twente Graduate School TGS
  • Dutch Network on Computational Game Theory DNETCGC
  • European Network for Game Theory GAMENET