DMMP Seminar

Thijs van der Klauw — Battery scheduling under various objectives

Time: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013, 12:45-13:30
Location: Citadel, H311

We consider the problem of scheduling an energy storage device to match a given energy (production) profi le to a predefi ned target profi le. This problem has applications in e.g. smart grids where we can use energy storage devices to control the output of otherwise uncontrollable energy sources such as wind and PV. The problem shows some similarities with warehouse scheduling problems. Depending on the type of energy storage device the use conditions which have a negative eff ect on the aging of the device di ffer. This leads to di fferent objectives for the scheduling of the storage device. We present the resulting problems as MIPs and show the boundary between polynomial solvable and NP-hard objective functions. We present results for the problem of minimizing the number of charging cycles or minimizing the total energy fl ow through the battery. We also investigate the possibility of using multiple batteries simultaneously.