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In memoriam: Dr. ir. Piet le Grand

The news that our former colleague

Dr. ir. Pieter le Grand

passed away on August 14, 2021, has touched us deeply.

Piet le Grand was a member of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics from 1968-2001. He was a very pleasant colleague who taught the basics of mathematics to many generations of engineers all over the campus. As he expressed it himself in an interview in U-today,  mathematics was his profession, chess his passion. Indeed, he was famous for his compositions of chess problems.

Piet le Grand was very popular with students. Not for nothing the students made him an honorary member of their study association Abacus. Thanks to his efforts in the introduction committee, many students decided  to study mathematics in Twente.

Prof. Stephan van Gils, department chair of Applied Mathematics
Dr.  Jan Willem Polderman, former Programme Director Applied Mathematics