Douwe de Bruijn

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In Biosensors and Bioelectronics: Coccolithophore calcification studied by single-cell impedance cytometry: Towards single-cell PIC:POC measurements

The first paper has been published on the new research topic involving calcifying algae and the carbon cycle, by Douwe de Bruijn. This means time for cake!

Artist impression of the cake: algae thrive in the upper (green) layer of the ocean. The species studied, coccolithophore, create a calcite exoskeleton, which makes the cell heavier and sink to deeper layers in the ocean, where they sequestrate carbon. Part of the population ends up all the way on the bottom (orange) of the ocean, where it can form oil and gas over millions of years under high pressure.

Interested how microfluidics help to study calcifying algae using impedance flow cytometry? Check out the paper: