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  • I can’t logon to Grasple / I don’t see my course(s) in Grasple. What should I do?

    Teachers will be invited by the Grasple course manager for their Grasple math course(s) utterly a week before the start of the course. You will be enrolled as soon as you have accepted this Grasple course invitation that is sent by email (look also in your spam folder) and you will be added in the role of teacher so that you have access to the materials and monitor (gradebook). Questions about the enrolment of teachers can be sent to . 

  • I have a Grasple account, but I still can’t logon to Grasple. What should I do?

    Please check the Grasple Help pages first. Here you can find all kinds of support about Grasple (chat/email/FAQ/etc).
    If you can't find a solution please contact us via .   

  • I don’t know how to use Grasple. Where can I get information?

    A lot of information can be found on the Grasple Help pages. If you would like to get a short demonstration of Grasple for teachers, please contact us via .

  • I have a question about the content or settings of my Grasple course. Who should I contact?

    Steffen Posthuma is the course and content manager of Grasple at Twente University. So please contact him with your question via .

  • I found an error or shortcoming in a Grasple item. Who should I contact?

    It depends on the type of error or shortcoming. Please check the options below:

    1. Mathematical errors:
      Example: d/dx (x3) = x2

      Report the error to Grasple using the red button “Report mistake” located above the Grasple exercise on the right side (visible in preview mode). 

    2. Formulation adjustments:
      Example:  in a point := at a point  

      If the adjustment is a matter of style, please refrain from submitting a request. If the current formulation is incorrect, report this to the UT content managers by sending a mail to

    3. Major adjustments:
      Example: Request for an extra subquestion. Request for more feedback. 

      Report this request to the UT content managers by sending a mail to


Grasple is our online learning environment that comes with open source exercises and materials created by the Grasple company and by teachers from our Applied Mathematics department.
We've started a partnership with the Grasple company in order to better support the learning process of the students and to explore better ways for digital summative testing.

Grasple is used mainly for the mathematic courses in the Math Line, providing Homework and Diagnostic (formative) tests to the students. A lot of information and help can be found on the Grasple help pages

Courses vs. repositories

All materials in Grasple are stored in repositories (repos). A repository is a collection of subjects and tests (both containing exercises) that can be included and structured in a Grasple course (see Fig. 1). Each course has its own repo. A Grasple course is a collection of week/lecture blocks consisting of a week/lecture title, relevant subjects and eventually a diagnostic test (see Fig. 2). 

Fig. 1 - Repository with subjects (left) containing exercises (right).

Fig. 2 - Course with HW + Tests per week (left) containing exercises (right)

Template courses vs. programme courses

The repositories in the Math Line will be managed by the lecturers and the Grasple content manager(s), but they will be accessible by all UT teachers with a teacher account (view rights). Each repo corresponds to one template course, that is copied to the programme courses. E.g. for Calculus 1 (AT/EE/TN) there is one repository and one template course, but three programme courses (for AT, EE and TN).

Assignments in Grasple

For the Math Line courses, there are BasicsDiagnostic tests and Additional Homework in Grasple every week. The Basics are intended to activate prior knowledge and to master basic concepts and skills, while the Diagnostic tests are intended to test final knowledge and skills on exam level; the additional homework is intended for extra practice. Although the Grasple assignments don't have deadlines, it is possible to set custom deadlines for (manual) diagnostic tests: if you would like to do so, please contact the content managers via  

Technical support is provided to students via Twente University website for Grasple and the Grasple Help pages.

How to get access?


Teachers who have used Grasple at our university before, will directly have access to the Grasple math course(s). Only teachers that are new to Grasple, will have to activate their Grasple course account by clicking the registration link that was sent by email (also check spam!). Questions about the enrolment of teachers can be sent to the Grasple course manager via

After enrolment teachers log on to Grasple as follows:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “Sign in with University Account”
  3. Search for “University of Twente” and click on it.
  4. You should see a UT login page.
  5. Log in with your UT email address e.g.
  6. Enter your UT account password.
  7. More support might be found at the FAQ or by sending an email to


Students will enroll themselves in their Grasple math course through a one-click authorization link. They can find this link on their Canvas Math Line page.
All students have free access through our campus license.

Student assistants

Student assistants of the Math Line will be added to Grasple according to the tasks for which they have signed up. Please inform the course manager about the assistants of other courses so that he can add them to Grasple. Remember to include the course and the program in your email.

instruction videos

How does Grasple work?

Completely new to Grasple, and want to know more about the basic structure of how Grasple works? This video will guide you through Grasple and gives you a quick understanding of what you can do with Grasple and its basic structure.

How to request an automatic test covering multiple modules

Do you experience students facing many difficulties following your course, or do you have the feeling that students skip content since the level is too low for them? Creating a preliminary examination helps to assess the level for both students and you as a teacher! Want to know how you can use this? This video teaches you how!

How to create an automatic formative self-test

Do you want to give your students the possibility to test their knowledge on the subjects they have been practicing within the previous week(s)? A self-test is an excellent way for students to assess their own learning and for teachers to gain insights into their students' overall and individual progress. Find out how you can create an automatic self-test in this video!

How to use learning analytics in your automatic test

In Grasple, you can find a great variety of available learning analytics that could provide you with great insights on how your students perform in your course. In this video, we will show you what analytics you can derive from automatic formative assessments.


On the Grasple Help pages, you may also find all kinds of help and support about Grasple (chat/email/FAQ/etc.).
For other questions please send an email to