• Where and how can I access Canvas?

    You can find Canvas at canvas.utwente.nl. You can login with your ICT account (this applies to every employee and student of the university)

  • Can I use Canvas on my mobile device?

    Sure, you can use Canvas on mobile devices. You can use the Canvas app 'Canvas Student'. The app is available for Android and iOS. The app does not provide you with all the features that Canvas has to offer on a regular web browser. Find Canvas Mobile guides for Android and iOS here.

  • How can I upload a profile picture?

    You can upload a picture of yourself in your Account settings. For help, see this guide.

    Tips for profile pictures:

    • Images should be square in size to prevent your picture from being resized or distorted.
    • Files can be any type (.jpg, .png, .gif) or size as long as you have room in your personal files to store the file. Canvas recommends that your profile picture be as small as possible.
    • Please choose an appropriate picture to represent yourself. We have the right to remove pictures that are not appropriate for a classroom setting.
  • How can I access regular education courses in Canvas?

    You first have to register for the course in OSIRIS. After that, you will automatically be enrolled in the corresponding course in Canvas. From two weeks before the start of the quartile, the course will be accessible from the Dashboard in Canvas. Before that, the course will be listed under ‘Future enrolments’ in Courses and is not accessible yet. 
    Personally (de)registering in OSIRIS can only be done up until the last day before the start of a quartile. If you would like to (de)register for a course after the registration period has lapsed, you need to contact your faculty's Educational affairs office.

  • How can I access 'non regular' courses in Canvas?

    There are Canvas courses that you can not register for in Osiris. These could be for example information courses about internships,graduation,study trips etc. You can be provided by the administrators of these courses with a self enrollment link that you just have to click, or you can find the course in the public course index. You can acces the public course index by clicking the Courses menu, click All Courses, click Browse more courses. Locate your desired course and click the +Join this course button on the course tile.

  • I have deregistered from a course in OSIRIS, when will I be unenrolled from the Canvas course?

    This takes place once every 24 hours at 0:00. Please note the following exceptions:

    • If you have registered and deregistered at the same day, you will not be unenrolled automatically (due to technical limitations). If you want to be unenrolled from the Canvas course, ask you faculty Canvas support to remove you from the course.
    • If you are enrolled in a Canvas course for a bachelor module, you will only be unenrolled automatically from the Canvas course if you are no longer enrolled in any of the courses that are part of the module.
  • Can I add an alternative email address where I can receive my notifications?

    Yes, in Canvas you can add an additional email address to your Canvas account. After adding this email address you can adjust your notifications to be sent to this new email address.

  • My name shown in Canvas is wrong/only my initials are shown instead of my first name. How can I change this?

    You can change your first name yourself in the application Studielink. In the Studielink Q&A you can find instructions about changing your personal details. The change will be automatically applied to your first name in Canvas (possibly no sooner visible than the next day). You can login in the application Studielink at https://www.studielink.nl

    If your last name is not correct, please contact Student Services.

  • Can the UT Schedule (MyTimetable) be imported in the Canvas Calendar?

    No, it can’t be imported in the Calendar. Everyone can see the next five events from their personal schedule under ‘Account’ in Canvas: go to Account, click Profile, click MyTimetable.

  • How can I sign up for a time slot or scheduled calendar appointment in Canvas?

    In Canvas you can sign up for a Calendar appointment or time slot that has been created. It is important however, that you first click the button "Find Appointment" in the Calendar sidebar to search for an appointment in a specific course, as you can read in this Canvas guide.

  • Can I disable or enable notifications for a specific Canvas course?

    Yes, it is possible to have course specific notification settings. You can set this at the homepage of that specific course through the “View Course Notifications” button. The Course Notification Settings page also allows you to manage the frequency of course notifications for course activities, discussions, scheduling, and conferences. For specifics see this Canvas guide.

  • What can I do to prevent and solve technical issues during a Canvas conference (BigBlueButton)?

    You can find help information in the section ‘Technical requirements and advice’ on the TELT page about Canvas conferences (BigBlueButton).

  • How do I create a MS Teams meeting link in Canvas?

    As a student you can create MS teams meeting links in your Canvas group pages. A link can be added from the rich content editor in Announcements, Pages, or Discussions. However, we advise not to use announcements for this because teachers and TA’s also may receive notifications of new announcements in group pages and this is confusing if the meeting is not intended for them. 

    Go the group page in which you want to create the meeting link.

    Create or edit the item of your choice and click on the ‘More external tools’ button in the editor. Select [Microsoft Teams Meetings].

    The first time you need to sign in in the UT Microsoft Teams environment. Fill in your UT e-mail address and click [Next]. Fill in your password on the ‘University of Twente’ sign in page. After that, choose if you want to stay signed in.
    Click [Create meeting link]. Fill in a meaningful title. It’s possible to specify a start and end date and time for the meeting, but these are not shown in Canvas and access to a meeting is not blocked before the start date and after the end date.
    Click [Create].

    Click [Meeting options].

    Select the meeting options of your choice. It’s not possible to select specific people for ‘Who can present’ in these meeting options. However, you can assign permissions to present to any participant once the meeting has started and people have joined.
    Click [Save] and close the tab.
    Now, click [Copy] in the popup.

    After that, a link will be visible in the Canvas item. Don’t forget to add information about the start date and time of the meeting and provide any further information if desirable. If you’re finished, click [Save and publish].

    Tip: Once you have had the meeting you can reuse the link for following meetings with your group because the link remains active.

  • Is it possible to download all course materials in one action?

    Yes. First you have to ask the lecturer of your course to enable the ePub exporting option for the concerning course. Once that is done, you can
    -        go to Account in the global menu
    -        click Settings
    -        click the button [Download Course Content]
    -        click [Generate ePub] next to the concerning course name

    When the process is finished, you will see ‘Download ePub’ and ‘Download associated files’. The ePub file can only be viewed with an ePub reader and doesn’t contain any files. With ‘Download associated files’ you can download all published files to a zip file. See this Canvas guide for specifics.

  • Can I download all my assignment submissions in one action?

    Yes, in the global navigation menu you can click the “Account” link and then click the “Settings” link. There you will find the “Download Submissions” button on the right.