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Choose your challenge and team up

Twelve universities from twelve European countries are putting you up to the challenge. Which challenge will you tackle at ECIU University? This European network of universities, for which the UT serves as coordinator, offers countless combinations of education and research - and you can join in!

Education of ECIU University is open up to UT students - third year bachelor and first and second year masters. In multidisciplinary and international teams, you work on so-called real-life challenges presented by governments, businesses and social organisations. You are therefore not only working with students from countries such as Italy, France, Lithuania or Portugal but also alongside people in the field and experts - perhaps your future employer?

Challenge-based learning 

Collaborations are done using a challenge-based approach (CBL), a new educational method. You map out your own study path. Each university offers very specific expertise and you can join whichever one you want. In CBL you work with your team using experimental methods to explore and test ideas and solutions for social issues. A specialised teacher, the so-called 'teamcher', will guide you in this process.

The wicked problems our world faces nowadays do not just call for new solutions, they call for new ways of learning and thinking. How do we engineer sustainable cities? Where do we start to improve food security? What is the best way to achieve zero waste? Questions we have not dealt with before are calling for a new way of working, including from you as a student. Are you ready for a challenge?

10 reasons to join 

Something for everyone
  1. Meet likeminded people and get to know interesting things you probably never heard of
  2. Study on- and offline across campuses in multiple European cities 
  3. Learn by working on local, national or European solutions to global challenges 
  4. Team up with students, professionals, researchers, innovators, policymakers, citizens and make new friends
  5. Work across cultures, disciplines and roles
  6. Follow your own, flexible learning path based on your personal preferences, skills and abilities  
  7. Improve your skills. This will be different to anyone, think about: teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, English etc.
  8. Shape your own learning path in challenge-based programmes 
  9. Obtain a valuable competency summary. A big plus on your resume when applying for a job. Doing extra things in addition to your daily school work is becoming more important for organizations.
  10. And last, but definitely not least: It’s fun!

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spice up your student experience 

What else do we offer?

The European Consortium of Innovative Universities, ECIU, was founded in 1997. In its 25 years of existence, several collaborations and exchanges have been established. Below is an overview of what else we offer.


Micro-modules are short learning experience that supports you to fill knowledge gaps and boost your capabilities to successfully engage in ECIU University challenges. While working on the challenge, you may find out that you lack certain knowledge or skills to solve the challenge. You will have the opportunity to participate in micro-modules related to the challenge you are working on. We offer different types of micro-modules. 

Check the website to be inspired and explore our wide range of education.


Are you looking for an inspiring way to spend your summer? The ECIU Summer Schools offer you several high-quality courses to choose from, all of which will allow you to gain cultural insights together with other international students from all over the world. Go abroad, celebrate the summer and discover Finland, Spain, Italy….! Take a look at this website for current summer schools and contact your International Office about free tickets and discounts for ECIU students. 

Mobility minors 

The ECIU Minor programme allow groups or individual learners to spend a semester at a likeminded ECIU partner university. Learners can choose their host university themselves, as each of the partners offers different courses and specialisations completely in English. The ECIU Minor programme is a fixed set of preapproved courses of 30 ECTS. They fit into the curriculum set of courses at the home institution. Credits will be fully recognised. Check the current offer here


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